Dashare allows you to sync your listing's availability with that of your corresponding Airbnb listing. To do this, export the listing's calendar from Airbnb and import it into your Dashare account. 

Calendar exporting from Airbnb

Calendar exporting lets you view your Airbnb calendar on Dashare which supports the iCal format. To export your calendar in iCal format and add it to your Dashare calendar:

  1. On Airbnb.com go to Host and select Calendar

  2. Click Availability settings in your calendar view

  3. Under Sync calendars, select Export Calendar

  4. There will be a an Airbnb calendar link which you can copy and paste this link into Dashare 

Calendar Importing into Dashare 

Calendar importing allows you to keep your Dashare calendar automatically updated with the right availability. To import your calendar from Airbnb in iCal format and add it to your Dashare calendar:

  1. On Dashare.com go to Hosting

  2. Click Availability and select Sync Calendars 

  3. Click Import for the listings you'd like to sync calendars with 

  4. Copy the iCal link from Airbnb into the Import Calendar Address field 

  5. Select a name for your calendar 

  6. Click update to complete 

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