Creating a competitive listing starts with having a clear and authentic description of what guests will get if and when they do book your space. This will lead to better ratings and boost the competitiveness of your listing. 

Here are some tips to help you make your listing stand out. 

Complete each section of your listing 

Make sure the details of your listing are up to date:

  • Update to date details: Look for areas on your Host Dashboard to update your listing details from time to time to make sure all the sections are filled out.

  • Describe your space: Create a title and description for your space that is at once authentic as well as detailed and informative. Talk about what your space offers, its amenities, and if there are any shared spaces guests can use. 

  • Upload high-quality photos: Pictures are worth a thousand words - make sure your photos are giving the guest a great first impression that your space deserves! 

  • Set expectations: It's important to outline the right and true expectations for guest in the House Rules section of your listing. 

Use your reviews to improve

Since the number and the quality of your reviews from past guests can impact your search performance, be sure to learn from your reviews to see how you can improve your guest's experience! 

Make it easier for guests to book

Be responsive and get back to booking inquiries and booking requests to show guests that you will be a good and attentive host. 

Set competitive prices

Set your prices so they reflect the needs of the market. Prices fluctuate greatly over different weeks or months of the year. It is helpful to pay attention to other hosts' rates as well as any major events, such as trade shows, going on in the city to attract travelers. 

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