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How can I support guests with disabilities?
How can I support guests with disabilities?
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Before making a booking, a guest might request certain things from the host to make the space more accessible for them. Just as a host might accommodate for other requests, we expect our hosts to meet reasonable request to make a space more accessible and comfortable for guests with disabilities.  

Here are some examples of reasonable requests:

  1. Placing household items in an agreed upon spot prior to a guest’s arrival (eg: towels, dishes)

  2. Re-positioning lightweight furniture (eg: sliding a chair or table over to create a wider path, moving objects to create clearance to an outlet)

Make sure you know your own abilities to meet these needs and share them with the prospective guest too. For example, if you can't make certain changes such as re-position heavy furniture or change the way your space is, please communicate that with your guests ahead of time. We understand that hosts also have their own limitations. 

Make the best judgment when you decide whether to meet a certain request or not. But remember, you cannot decline a booking simply because the guest has a disability. This is a violation of Dashare's policies, which support our efforts to help all our guests find safe and accessible spaces to stay in. 

Things to consider when talking about accessibility with guests

Since every disability is unique, it is very important to speak with the guest about their needs. Take accurate measurements to help guests decide whether a home works for them. It is more important to get it right than to have a quick and easy conversation!

When having a conversation with a guest about disabilities-related questions:

  • Fully and accurately describe obstacles to help manage a guest’s expectations.

  • Make sure your guest knows if you need more information. Guests are often willing to share more information about their needs because it helps a host to make the space work for them. 

  • Commit to making the minor changes, such as placing items lower. 

  • If you can't make certain changes, communicate why you’re unable to make them. For example, a bookshelf that’s too heavy to move. 

  • Before accepting the booking, confirm that your guest has the information they need to determine if they can safely navigate your space

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