To help keep our community safe and trusted, we’ve developed standards based on our extensive experience interacting with members of the Dashare community. 

How will the standards be enforced?

Our enforcement is based on careful and detailed work by our Dashare team to make sure we make the right decisions. We take each and every violation of our standards very seriously and will always endeavor to take circumstances of each unique situation into account. However, we do reserve our final discretion in each case. 

What can I do if I disagree with a decision?

While we take pride in the seriousness and thoroughness with which our team deals with each and every issue, we are still human. In the rare case where we make a mistake with a decision, you can contact us and we will be sure to review the decision carefully. Our standards are not up for review. 

Will the standards change over time?

Yes, our standards will change and evolve over time as we grow our business and the needs of our community changes. 

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