As Asia’s alternative serviced accommodation marketplace for business travelers, we ask all our hosts to meet our basic requirements, allowing you as a Host to deliver and rekindle the spark that once upon a time made business travel worth looking forward to.

Essential amenities

The following basic amenities are highly recommended to list your place; 

  • Toilet paper

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Shower gel 

  • Bedsheet

  • At least one towel per booked guest

  • At least one pillow per booked guest

To ensure your listing remains competitive, we encourage all hosts to provide additional amenities. 

Be responsive

Being responsive is a great way to ascertain good reviews for your place and show that you care about your guests.

Time of responding to booking inquiries and booking requests are usually the indicator of how we measure response rates. We recommend hosts to respond to these types of messages within 24 hours to help improve and secure your potential earnings.

Accept reservation requests

Always have your calendar updated to reflect the latest availability of your place. This way, when a booking request is made by the traveler, you will be able to accept, without any lost of potential earnings. 

No guest expects to send several requests to find out that a host is unable to accommodate. You can block off dates and prevent request by going into your listing calendar.

Avoid cancelling on guests

Any cancellations of confirmed bookings will adversely affect the travelers plan! Cancellations are taken seriously and you will be subject to penalties including financial penalties if you cancel a confirmed booking unless there are extenuating circumstances.

What about the expectation on the staying experience?

Based on our past experience, we have found out that guests usually care about: cleanliness, accuracy of listing details, smoothness of check-in and proactive communication.

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