People occasionally create fake emails or websites which are designed to appear to be Dashare. They can be utilized to steal personal information such as your password or bank information. 

If you encounter an email or a website that appear like Dashare but asks for your private information, be careful. When in doubt, always start using our site from our homepage -

Learn to identify fraudulent emails

Fake emails can often include the Dashare logo and a fake Dashare address in the "From" line. 

These fake emails might even contain content from real Dashare emails such as a booking confirmation, payout confirmation, booking reminder or a request to update your profile. These frauds hope to make the emails look real to trick you into providing your personal information which we will never ask for. Below are some signs of fake emails to help you spot them: 

  • Fake email addresses: The email addresses are fake, such as or

  • They contain links to fake Dashare pages that try to steal your information. Do not click on these links that you aren't sure about. 

  • They contain links that has a URL that doesn't start with 

Report fake emails to Dashare

To report any email that you think is not authentic, contact our Customer Experience Team. 

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