Tips to get your listing ready

Your listing is how people find and book your place. Make sure you:

  • Make sure your calendar is updated so you only get bookings when your space is available. 

  • In your calendar settings, you can control the dates and the duration your guests can book your space. You can also control the rules for when your guests can arrive so that you have preparation time between bookings. 

  • Include check-in instructions and include contact information, WiFi passwords, your neighborhood guide, house rules, and any other vital information guests need to have a successful trip at your space. 

Reach out and get to know your guests before they get to your space by checking out their profile and chatting with them to set the tone for their stay. You may also want to:

  • Provide self check-in where guests can access keys even when you can't deliver them in person.  

  • Bulk-buy amenity items you offer guests. Soap, bottled water, or snacks are a good start. 

  • A few sets of sheets and towels will help you ready your space quickly without having to deal with laundry.

  • Getting professional cleaning and management services might be a good idea. You can set a small cleaning fee to offset the cost. 

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