In order to see the status of your booking, you can find your status under Trips

Once you’ve found your status, you can see the details of the status below.

Booking Status

A guest sent a message to a host by submitting a booking request for specific dates. In response, the host will need to either accept or decline the request within 24 hours before it expires.

Requested: A guest is waiting for a host to respond to a booking request. The host has 24 hours to respond before the booking request expires.

Confirmed: A host confirmed a guest's booking request. Dashare has collected full payment from the guest and the booking is complete.

Rejected: A host rejected a guest's booking request. No charge is made to the guest.

Expired: A host took more than 24 hours to respond to a pending booking request. If the host wants to accommodate the expired booking request, the guest will need to send another booking request.

Cancelled: A guest cancelled a booking request.

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