We will never ask you to pay for anything outside of our website, through email or through any third-party booker. Don't send them money and let us know as soon as possible.

At some occasions you may need to pay local tax to your hosts, but the payment would be made through Dashare and in most cases this will be inclusive in the cost of the booking already.

If you paid for your booking outside of Dashare (e.g. through bank transfer or telegraphic transfer), you may have paid for a fraudulent booking. If you need to get help, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are unsure, you can check your booking status through Dashare.

Report any offsite payment requests

If any host on Dashare site asks you to pay through another channel other than through the Dashare website, please report to us.

Dashare do not issue any paper or PDF invoice asking you to pay off site or via any third party channels such as Western Union, MoneyGram, cashier's check, money order, Liberty Reserve. If any hosts using these methods, please report to us.

To report a message

  1. Click on the Intercom button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  2. Report this case to our duty staff.

To report an email

If you receive an email from anyone (including an auto@Dashare.com or any other username@Dashare.com email address) asking you to pay or accept payment offsite and outside Dashare, please inform us immediately.

Types of scams

Do not share your contact details (email or phone number) before your booking is accepted or transfer any money outside the Dashare system and be extra aware on emails claiming to be sending from Dashare.

Examples of common scams include:

  • Reservation Fee Scam: Someone offers to pay you or give your something to pay through a channel outside of Dashare.

  • Phishing Scam: Someone sends you an email or a link that try to trick you to look like Dashare or another trusted channels. These messages and a links are made to trick you into giving in your confidential information such as payment details, passwords and email addresses. Phishing emails or messages may contain malware that could gain access to your computer and access your personal information and passwords details store inside your computer or digital device.

  • Agency Scam: Some party would offer you a lucrative deal on a listing that if you pay outside of Dashare or send a deposit with wire transfer. After they receiving your money, they would not give you any booking as they claimed to have.

  • Over-payment Scam: Someone would offer to pay the host more than the amount as stated in the booking and then ask the host to pay them back in cash to offset the difference.

  • Third-party Booking Scam: Someone offers to book and pay for a listing through another third-party channel, often claiming to have special coupon or discount. These bookings are usually paid with a stolen credit cards.

Note: Any bookings that are made outside of Dashare are not protected by our refund & cancellation policies, are invalid and violate our Terms of Service. If we identify a booking was made through a third-party channel, we may cancel the booking and deactivate the accounts of the person who made the booking and the traveler. 

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