Some safety tips to help keep you safe and sound on your trip. 

Read carefully

Check out the profiles and reviews of potential hosts before you book. You can choose Verified or Premium hosts where the Dashare team has done an in-person check of their space. 

It is also recommended that you read everything on the listing thoroughly, such as descriptions, house rules, and amenities. Be sure to fully understand the host's cancellation policy before making the booking request. 

Pay and communicate on Dashare 

Because it makes it difficult to protect your information and puts you at higher risk of fraud and security issues, we do not allow paying for a booking outside of Dashare according to our Terms and Conditions. We also highly recommend that you communicate with the host via Dashare . 

Set clear expectations

You can start a conversation with your host about your trip plans, and what you can expect from the space and the host. Your host may even be able to recommend great spots for dining or for fun! Do trust your intuition - if something about the listing or communication with the host feels wrong to you, then don't book it. 

Prepare for the unexpected

Be sure to look up the neighborhood of the booking and research the major roads and landmarks. Always have a plan of what to do and where to go in an emergency. It is good to also let your friends and family know where you'll be before you go on your trip. 

Consider buying the right travel insurance. While Dashare does not offer traveler insurance, it is relatively accessible and affordable, and offers you protection in case of injury or emergency while you are on your trip.

Before any travel to and from abroad, be aware of any travel advisories or warnings that might apply. 

Be a considerate guest

Finally, while you are looking for the ideal listing, being a considerate guest matters. 

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