Once you've decided on a listing, submit a booking request and if you don't receive a response follow up with a message to the host.

Message the host before requesting

Messaging a host before sending a booking request enables you to ask any questions you may have regarding their listing. 

How to contact host

On the listing page scroll down to the host section, click the contact which enable you to message the host directly.

The host isn’t responding

We encourage each host to respond within 24 hours. If you have received a response consider contacting other hosts within the same location. There is no limit on how many hosts you can contact, hosts will have different response rates if your request is urgent.

Sending multiple requests

We strongly discourage submitting multiple booking requests unless you plan to rent multiple bookings at the same time. Feel free to message multiple hosts if you have any questions but only submit the booking request when you have decide on a listing which matches your requirements.

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