Once you find a listing that you are interested in booking, select your traveling dates on the calendar and check its availability.

  1. Enter your Check-in dates.

  2. Add the number of guest(s).

  3. Review the room rate(s) and associated fees.

  4. Click on "Check Availability".

  5. Review some house rules and important information left by the host.

  6. Add your purpose of trip and a kind message to the host.

  7. Your travelers information will auto populate based on your profile information.

  8. Verify your contact number.

  9. Review the grand total for your upcoming trip.

  10. Click continue and confirm your required services.

  11. Enter your payment information.

  12. Click "Confirm & Pay". Payment will only be processed upon confirmation of your booking by the host in the next 24 hours. 

Please note that you have made a request for booking, the booking is not a confirmed until the host confirms the booking request. The host will confirm the booking within 24 hours of the booking request.

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