What if my host cancels (terminates) my booking?
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We encourage hosts not to cancel (terminate) bookings unless it's unavoidable. If the host cancels your booking, you have two options:

  • Transfer your payment amount to a new Dashare listing of your choice.

  • Receive a full refund.

Transfer your payment to a new Dashare listing

The amount paid towards your initial booking will be available to use towards a new listing. Once you've found a new listing, we'll transfer your original payment to your new booking request. 

If the new grand total of your new booking is less than your original booking 

  • We'll refund you the difference via the same payment method used for original booking.

Request a full refund

If you can't find an alternative listing at this time, you can request a full refund. 

Note: For the handling of both options, you will need to contact our customer experience team for processing. (Simple click the chat bubble at right bottom)

Host penalty 

We understand host's last minute cancellation can be disruptive to your trip planning, so certain penalties will apply to host in order to build and maintain a reliable community.

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